The counselling process

Counselling is not a quick-fix. Even though many people feel the benefits after their first session, it may take time to address the problem effectively and to learn new skills for dealing with future issues.

It is important that you find a counsellor you can trust and feel comfortable with. This is an important part of the counselling process and I am happy to answer any questions you may have


First Session

therapy chair

In our first session together, I explain how we can best work together and I will highlight the confidential nature of our discussions. We will also cover items such as how long the sessions last, how many sessions may be appropriate and what fees are involved. During this first session, which normally lasts around 30 minutes, we’ll begin to explore the problems or issues you want to discuss.


Further Session

In these sessions, we will continue to explore the problems and issues and begin to identify, and work on, the options available to you to resolve these. The number of sessions is determined by a combination of factors and we can discuss these fully during Session 1.